Rare Art - Exhibit Here.

WOW ! ! 

Just WOW! The exhibit in the Menier Gallery in London was amazing. I am so chuffed to have been apart of it. The private view was packed and was such fun.  I met up with some dear and great friends, but unfortunately I forgot my camera, and only had my poorly charged camera phone on hand. BOO I hear you cry.
Ah my dear friends bear with me. I may have sod all photos of the event due to my phones electrical charge equivalent of a Gnats memory, but I can provide you with a link to images that you can view.


As for what I have been up to since last time we spoke. Well things are getting busy for me in the next few months. I have a local craft fair I have a stall at, I'm involved with  Bank Street Arts for their Open Studios contribution to  the Sheffield art walk. I will also be takin part in their "work in progress" project. 

"We want paintings!!!" I hear you. I hear you. Have patience I have some below. First up is a side project, I guess you could call it a commission. Nah who am I kidding I've been working  on  a birthday present for my daughter's fifth birthday . ( To be honest I had meant to have it completed for Christmas, but hey life and things.)  It's a superhero piece. It's almost done.  

Superhero O

To be honest the composition sucks. Too much red on the left. the black cowl of Batman running into the black hair or Wonder Woman and finally  the green of The Hulk. It should have ran Ironman, Batman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Spiderman. 

And just because I can I glitched the image.

Superhero glitch

It's late so tomorrow I'll post my nerd/geekgasm.