Burnt up and washed out

I'll hold my hands up. I've been putting too much on myself. Trying to keep the house in a reasonable state, look after the kids, make sure my wife is okay, trying to keep on top of, I forget how many social media platforms, from facebook to tsu and G+, as well as trying to complete 5 finished works a week, 1 hours worth of drawing  a night, watercolour practice, learn coding, working out new ideas for projects and photo editing. Even though I have managed to get alot of this done this month, I feel like I have achieved absolutely nothing. Stupid right. I can't help but feel this way, I have  projects I want finished and  jobs around the house I want done. 

Any way enough about me whining on and on. I'm off to paint or draw  something and hopefully refine my watercolour usage.

I'd do this. Which I quite like.

Self disrupted by teeth