Something about structure and coping.

So I was all revved up and raringto go. Prepared to show the world my tiger face (which incidentally Logjammer assures me looks like a sausage face) and shred my procrastination and lack of mostly everything, with my sausage clawed paws.
And then I imploded, like anineffectualsausage. ( I don't get the simile either.) The net result was I got anxious about not fulfilling my commitments, and then felt guilty for wanting to put time into these commitments while all around, the house work and kids clamored for attention. 

Recently I was given a task as part of my anxiety/depression therapy. It is a simple task and for me surprisingly effective. I basically make a list of my commitments and wants for the week. I prioritise theminto 1, 2 and 3. With 1 being the highest priority and 3 being a bonus that would be nice type class. I selected 3 things to prioritise on each day. 1 of these things should be for me. In my case that's making guilt free time for my art and whatever else. Yadda yadda ya. If you want more information on this you can ask, but I'm not going to write any more about it here.