Hey there.... remember me?

This is the post I promised my self to write as an action. I'm not as happy with it a I was the first time I wrote it. Stupid crashing computer. 

Anyways my therapy ( I guess)  means I pick three tasks I have to accomplish a day. It requires a spreadsheet and graphs and all the things I love. :)

As part of this I am going to set out my 3 priorities for my web site.
1. Get all images up to date. ( 1/2 a night for a week)

2. set a side 1/2 hour to blog about the crazy crazy world of me and art.

3. (this one is a bit flaky) Update on  my (infrequent) coding progress.

and showcase ideas and sketches. I had originally placed a drawing here but then the computer crashed. 

so no picture here.