Generate this...

Monday is usually coding Monday. Today it was get in the cave and paint after sorting all the stuff and things. From 0945 to 1130 I was houseworking. Rocking. I had until 1400 to get work done. I made some rubbish and the paintings below were worked on. 

Spíritum in art machina, oil on board.


Spíritum in art machina, oil on board, still a little more to do.

Untitled Generative work, 23 cm x 23 cm, oil on canvas. 

This was generated with dice rolls, the dice rolls were time limited. The painting and rolls were completed together but were limited in time. I arbitrarily chose The Smashing Pumpkins Gish album and work for the first 7 songs on the album. Some more work is needed, but its mainly fills and the paint was too wet to work with at the time.