The mind killer

An odd one for me this. I don't have a problem posting my work and having it looked at and dismissed or like by people. Taste is subjective, some of my work will be liked and loved by some people,  others will detest or be indifferent to the work. Those same people will have different reactions to different work.  This is just like that, but different. The problem I have is not how the work will be received. More how I will be received. The body judgement. It was touch and go that I would post this. 
But the only reason for me to not post this is fear. Fear of judgement. And fuck fear. It's my body and it is what it is at some point it will be worm food. Just meat. Thinking meat. So here is the work in progress as it is. 

looking at you.

Looking at the work so far ( 2hrs worth).  The main areas that need addressing are the head shoulders and arms. They are all too small in proportion. The feet are pretty spot on but they lack detail. I want to add generative elements to the work, but that s a long way off.