Something about talking

Yesterday I posted about how tough I'm finding things. It is tough, but I'm getting help and have great friends and family. I had a bit of an awkward one today though. 

Logjammer was misbehaving over the last few days. I asked him why and with the honesty of preschooler, he told me because ' You're not fun much now"

I decided to try and explain the whole chemical imbalance in my head and how that leads to all my negativity. I brought Pirate O into the conversation too. It's difficult to explain Nero chemistry to kids. ( Especially with my very limited knowledge of it.)

I explained the lack of dopamine and serotonin in my system and how these are the chemicals that among other things control your levels of happiness. I briefly mentioned Ardrenilin and Noradrenaline ( ?) .  I explained that the medication i take is to help me make Dopamine and serotonin and to help reduce my stress levels. 

My kids always surprise me. They seemed to understand the basics if not all of what I said. I went in to explain the person I'm seeing also helps me by aiding me in taking small steps to getting my thoughts back to a more positive light. 

I did a diagram to help explain it. Logjammer then adapted the diagram and improved it considerably.