Something over due (again)

I hate how my head messes with me. Since Christmas I've been a cloudy headed cluster of tangential indecision and forget to do lists.  So much so that I'm way behind on all of the things I want achieve this year. I'm not  doing the Art in The gardens in Sheffield, as my silly anxiety ridden head can' t handle he amount of minimal planning that would take.

I've also shut down my etsy store. I'll probably reopen it at some point but I need to focus on getting  me better first. So me first, business later.

I'm still painting, with a focus on portraits. I need to tell my self constantly that I don't owe any of my self imposed goals to anyone. So i don't need to beat myself up when I miss a deadline/ don't do a thing.

The focus is get my mental health back on track. I apologised to my mental health keyworker today, because I felt I was wasting her time with my mild issues. She said I seemed to really need  the support and she said this lack of self worth is one of the issues we need to deal with.

Any ways just popping along to let anyone who drifts by here what is happening in the cathal-o-sphere.

Boo Ya I'm out of here