Drawing lessons

There are two things you should know about me :

  1. I'm no master draftsman, when I sketch I can get all the details I need to develop my paintings, but my sketches lack personality and character.  
  2. I spend most of my week looking after my kids. ( That's not a moan. They are hilarious 90% of the time.) So I have limited time to make art.
  3. I find myself hilarious and love obvious jokes.
  4. I can't count. See. 

I'm attempting to work on these. I'm always trying to improve and learn new things (Like humour for example). Learning new things is cool (My jokes aren't). What is hard work is refining the learning. This is what I'm embarking on the boring refinement of skills.  

These are not the best drawings in the world, but I need to get better and this is a good spot as any to post my work.