Procedurally Statemented

Not much on today, but I did write my statement for my procedural painting series. Yay me! I mashed all the thoughts into a wordy list  and for a first draft I made all the little letters line up into words. Luckily the words fell into basic sentences. Behold all the words......

 Procedural Painting V1.0.4, Oil on canvas,  36 cm x 28 cm

Procedural Painting V1.0.4, Oil on canvas, 36 cm x 28 cm

Procedural Paintings.

The procedural process series is a series of works looking at the use of algorithms to produce art. The algorithm is primarily a computer based term and relates to the ideas of generative art. I use the algorithms to produce non-objective art devoid of artistic ego. My only input is in the design of the algorithm. The algorithm has grown to encompass mostly of the formal elements of 2d art, line, colour, shape, tone and opacity. The algorithm controls the placement and frequency of the elements. My role is only to follow the instructions supplied. The work is intentionally ambiguous in its meaning, but the themes within it refer to illusion of choice, information in the digital age, the data trails we leave and the concepts of emergence.

 Procedural Painting V 3.1.2 (WIP), Oil on Board, 20" x 20"

Procedural Painting V 3.1.2 (WIP), Oil on Board, 20" x 20"

The variables in the algorithms are calculated using a series of dice roles, this has kept the process as analogue as possible. Each work has its own spreadsheet of data.

The process has become quite time-consuming so the actual process of calculating the variables is being encoded into a compute algorithm written by myself. The algorithm will only spit out the actual data to be used.