All bunged up and no where to go....

I've started my first commission, it's  going well but I'm annoyed at, my lack of progress. The egg of a cold is in my head and it doesn't want me to think too much. I'll not be posting any images of the commission until it's completed. Well I might do detail shots. Any way below are some glitchy gifs I've done in the past. They are a hobby of mine.

I must warn you that some of the images below are a bit strobey, so if you suffer from epilepsy or know flashing lights can set off your seizures don't go any further.



Si's Glitchy Envelope - Audacity Glitch.

Bear in the Glitchness,  Audacity Glitch. 
A painting I really liked, but no-one else seemed to,  I gave it a new lease of life a s a glitch. 

Al in the Glitchness, Audacity Glitch.
A lone Al face the bleak unending glitch