Something about how things have been

Ah due to  my anxiety and depression cocktail I've really just been painting and painting. Painting without a view to selling or anything. I now have a huge backlog of work to photograph properly and post. 

I use to sell prints as I was concerned about not being able tokeep stock levels up. But that doesn't seem to be a problem so now I've decided to stop selling prints of my work. (I don't sell that (m)any anyway) 

My stocktaking is in disarray, I've painted pieces and gave them away. I've painted works and just not bothered to store them and subsequently stood on or in some other way destroyed them. It's not a thing I feel bad about. It's just a thing. I know that is highly unprofessional,  but it's  just how things  have been.

Since November it's not been about selling work , it's been about making and making. The act of creation, of painting that has been my focus. It's a  clichè I know but the act of painting calms me.  Daft I know. 

I'm feeling more like the old me, still a grumpy arse, but definitely back on track. 
Have an old image that's been on my mind a lot, to look at with your eyes. 

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