Back in the digital depths.

After  a brief hiatus from coding Monday last coding Monday is back. It sounded much more grand and dramatic in my head.  Coding is alot of 'WTF... What 'Null Point Exception' error?  ... oh just fuck off computer.' and ' No you weren't expecting a 'r parentheses '...oh right a semi colon. ' 'WTF....NOW WHAT??' and eventually a 'YAY I made the ellipse move up and down!! WOO! Someone call NASA I rock!!'

So today I got to work on my course again, I'm on week 3. ( I started 8 months ago. I'm a bit behind on this 6 week course.) Successes were I made an ellipse stop when you click on it. And I rewrote the same programme with less functionality, but using a 'Circle' class for my array. This has taken 5 hours. 

I'm going to try to embed the files in the page.  If you just get a link to Open processing, it didn't work. 

YES!!!!! embed level unlocked!!!(bet it fails on tumblr) I've also placed the link here > STAR MATRIX/ HELIX 

You can follow the link  to my Open Processing page and follow my sluggish progression through this digital swamp. You can see my other coding projects I'm proud of there. I'm off to see if I can build an embedded gallery of these.