Something about code and life in 2 dimensions

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I'm trying to bring coding Monday back. A bit like a digital ,Justin Timberlake. Anyway, every time I try to get started with my coding I have to spend about a day getting my head in he right spot. Today was no different. 

I've been hitting a block with my coding, mainly because I want to understand the meaning and syntax of each bit of code I come across. This is not a bad idea, but it sure is slow work. Talking to a friend reminded me that when I was learning to draw I copied non stop. I didn't over think the lines I just did. So this is the approach I have taken with my coding.

My interest is in generative art and the use of artificial life. I copied the code from a book on coding I have. Despite just copying I did find that I am now beginning to understand the code in use. However I can only understand it bylooking at it not writing it.  Still a wiser person than me said that a year from now I'll be a year better at this. Where is all this going? Who knows?

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