In your face Monday

My coding frustrations are just Mondays badly dressed cobwebs. With the suave flick of a paint brush I slew the digital misery that hovered above me.  Today has been a good day to paint. Not such a good day for photographs, but that's just because I sent(left) my camera on holiday in Poole.  The net result being that I now use the trusty smartphone to take pictures. ( I distinctly remember in the late 90's poo pooing the idea of taking a photo on a  phone.)

So todays servings mined from the depths of the cave.

Nugget one is finished - (apologies for the naff photo but as I said I left my camera in Poole and this is the best I could get today.)

 Broken Code? 9" x6" oil on triple primed board  

Broken Code? 9" x6" oil on triple primed board  

And another abstract in progress, I'm just playing wit ideas on this one, at the moment I'm thinking of bubble or throw up graffiti shapes in some kind of alien writing, but we'll see where it goes.

 Typo 9" x 6" oil on primed board.

Typo 9" x 6" oil on primed board.

and finally two works in progress. 

Data Set Toilet, 20"x20", oil on primed board. 2015

This is based on set of measurements I have taken of the interior of our toilet (room) each of the squares gets their position and size based  on the dimensions of the objects in the room. The use of the masking tape has introduced a glitchy emergent property to the work. I hope this feel the work has stays. This is a work in progress and has some way to go yet. 

Dice painting 28042015, oil on board, 9"x9" 2015

This is the beginning of a series that are painted according to dice rolls. The dice are rolled in groups of 4, and then painted. this is done for an hour then the painting is finished off with extra line work and colour.