Algorithmic Print Experiments

I've made good use of my time spelunking paint in my cave. I like to have a lot of things on the go at anytime.  I've begun and need to restart a printing experiment. Completed a painting. Begun yet another project and worked on a mural for my daughter.

The printing project.  

I have tried to take my dice work or algorithmic work to the next level. I was trying to treat each layer as an 'object' class. The terminology is lifted straight from programming language. The idea is that I can use the layers in different orders. 

Algorithmic Print Trial

The problem is, as I had expected the layers of oil paint, occlude the lower layers.  I have yet to try printing using a medium like linseed oil, but I suspect the paint will run too much. 

Printing trial 2.jpg

   That said I like the distressed appearance of the paint. There is another layer to be applied.