Moot point

I'm posting this to get rid of a 'should I/ shouldn't I' discussion in my head. I'll spit it out. My wife has a brain tumour and depression related to having a tumor. There's a surprise. This means she is wiped out a lot of the time and, as a result I have taken on the burden of looking after both kids and the house work. All of the factors have combined to give me a healthy dose of depression led anxiety about pretty much everything.

This is why my output has become much more irregular. It's tough yes, but I have meds and I am due to speak to someone about it all at the end of November. I don't want sympathy or complements. I worry about this post because I don't want to be seen as having a 'X factor' story to garner sympathy. This post is mainly for me. It is a post that makes the 'should I tell people or not' argument in my head a moot point.

That said if people want to ask about it I'll talk about it. I don't want to be defined by my afflictions or those of my wife. I'm here to chew gum and create stuff I love, and I'm all out of gum.

Consequently my plans for artwork keep hitting a 'I'm really tired.' filter and don't really move forward. I get enthused about an idea and then go off it, thinking what is the point as it is a shit idea. I keep chipping away at it. I'm ment to be working on my processing coding practice, but I can't really summon the motivation as I have left it so long. This is just one of a number of things on an ever increasing  list of things I should be doing that are not happening. 


To end on a less dull ranty note here's a joke. 

I called my Ipod Titanic.... and now it won't stop sinking!! BOOM! BOOM!