2015 Year of 'do all the things'

I've been off exploring and seeing my family this Jingly season. It's been great to see everyone once again. I even managed to get some work completed whilst I was away. Then when I was returning I left it all behind me. I have some photos of some of the work I completed below.  They were all just little studies done in watercolour and acrylic on cartridge paper. 


In keeping with tradition I've set myself some 'resolutions' and tasks for the next 90 days. I'm placing them here in public so I  can be checked up on. 
Targets for the next 90 days:

  1. Create one new work a day in less than 1 hour. 
  2. Write statements for all projects and series of work.
  3. Check competitions daily and enter at least 3.
  4. Complete 17 weekly observational drawings.
  5. Create at least one blog post a week.
  6. Update all aspects of my Website. 

 I don't think that is too ambitious. I have yearly goals too. Sort out an exhibition and complete at least one major work a month.