Procedurally painting.

Today was ACE. My time was limited as it always is, but I started a new Procedural work. I love these paintings, the only input I have creatively is the setup. I create the conditions for the paintings and allow the various elements of the piece to be calculated randomly. The process of painting them is great, I fall in love with a certain combination of brushstrokes and colours and in the 'brushstroke' it's painted over and my heartbreaks.   

The new procedural works are dealing with the idea of emergence. With in the algorithm for the works I allow for the artwork to generate its own structures. This means that when the elements of the painting (lines in this case) interact, they create new structures that were never included in the algorithm.

Below is a little series of images that show the progress on this work. This is the entire first layer, I have another 9 layers to paint.

Where the line crosses itself the tonal value is allowed to get darker or lighter. The little semi-circle in the last image shows where a mistake or 'glitch' was made. The fainter dry brush marks are the 'glitch' followed through to the end of the instructions.