Dicing with sharpies

Pesky housework. Despite not getting started until 11, I got a brush load of painting done, on the commission. I'll post some detail shots tomorrow.

However on to my daily drawing daring do. I meant to sling more paint in an evening session, but due to evil space pixies I could not find any of my essential tools. (tape measure, ruler and set square)To be honest at this point I wanted to just facebook the night away. Dear reader you would be proud of me, I resisted the timesuck and tidied my cave. Thor's beard I tidied the feck out of that cave.


 2 hard fought hours later I sat down and almost crumbled. My resilience won through though, and instead of just going to bed, I sat down and did 15 minutes of drawing with dice and sharpies. 

I've included my runic instructional scrawlings for informative reasons. Feast your eyes on the glory of Dice drawing No.2. Thor's beard you have been treated.

The work is 14cm x 9cm. Tiny I know. The work was completed in 15 minutes. The last 5 minutes were spent putting in the fills. Read on for the nitty gritty exciting algorithmic rules, or don't. 


The Rules - Dice Drawing No.2


  • All work to be completed in 15 minutes.
  • Directions, distance and thickness of line all randomly calculated.

I used a d4 to calculate the direction of the lines, a d20  gave the distance and a d6 decided the sharpie thickness to use. 1 unit equals a square. When I had 5 minutes left I began adding the fills in each section. Each section had a 50% chance to have a fill.

That's your lot, so have an ace one.