Back from the depths...

I know I let you down. It wasn't my fault really. It's not you  its me ... well my laptop really. My laptop's power cable to be precise. The cable went fizz... pop... pop... fizz the other day and along with having no power I was a tad concerned that I'd lost EVERYTHING.  Thankfully it was just a temporary  interruption  in the flow of electrons. 

You will be glad to know that it takes more than a dodgy power cable to stop me from painting. I've got a few new works (and some old works) that I'm going to be posting on Etsy over the next few weeks. 

It's late and I'm trying to not burn out so here is one of the images.  Stay rested and medium rare.

The Island of holy orange

The island of holy orange,  Oil on primed board, 9" x 9". 

It's based on a fun jaunt to Holy Island a few years ago.