No pithy and witty title

An odd day in the cave. I got a good day of painting in, I didn't have any 'painters block' nor were there any interruptions. Yet I still feel underwhlemed. The only reason I can think of is that I spent all day on one painting -'Procedural Painting V3.1.2 20"x 20" Oil on board.

I'm using emergent properties in this one, so when lines cross from different layers they create a random number of rectangles or circles each with their own set of random elements, such as size, line thickness and opacity of paint to name a few. All of these variables must be roll fro on the hoof, as I have no idea when lines will cross. That creates a huge amount of dice rolling -  in total I spent over an hour rolling dice. 

Below I have a picture of layer 4 finished but without the emergent properties, followed by an image with the properties put in. 

On the left is Layer 4 before I add in the emergent properties and on the right after they have been added. Each aspect of the emergent properties must be calculated, its position relative to it's origin point, it's form, style, thickness of paint and line and the tonal values I could go on and on.

No real conclusion to this post except for this little thing near the bottom of the 'e' at the end of here.