Lupercalia eve.

This was going to be a post about the ongoing exhibition in the Circle Gallery in Sheffield, but I've been really busy with life and not had time to even draft a post. (*shakes fist at life) Instead, you will be led astray by workings and smearings in the cave 'o paint. (I wonder does it sound more mysterious in latin, BRB) -De spelunca pingere- meh. 

I got side tracked there.

These are two painting I was working on alongside 'Harm of Self' and 'Interrupting Thoughts'. As I mentioned in the last post 'Harm of Self' and 'Interrupting Thoughts' were resolved and finished before these two. They are both still works in progress.

Below are two shots FRGMNTFD of the first how it is now and the second experimenting with stencils. ( I stuck the stencils down and painted a portrait over the top then removed the stencil letters) The letters spell (minus vowels) FRaGMeNT.

frgmntsfd-prep stencils wip.jpg

This  image (below) is a better photo of V//D. I need to work some subtle marks into the 'pacman' shapes and balance one or two things up. I'm going to try to make the reds more punchy, digitally to get a rough idea of whether it's a genius move or a complete suineg (reverse of genius) move.



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Something's back....

I'm back and intend to do a post of some sort at least once a week. Yay for good intentions! 

I've got this fancy new app that allows me to post on the fly. Woo Hoo! 

So here's what has been happening visually in the deathtrap cave o'paint today. (I hope. I'm testing out this new app thing I mentioned so if this post is rubbish blame the technologists.)

 Moral mathematics of life 75cm x 100 cm oil on canvas

Moral mathematics of life 75cm x 100 cm oil on canvas

I finally got this work back from London. A dear friend was looking after it for me. I've not been happy with it so I'm adding to it. That's what the purple, yellow and pale grey bits are. They are improving it! Seriously! Gah! Forget you!

Also worked on today was  


The heart shape thingy (technical art term) was naff so I re-did it. But looking at both options, I want the black back. 

So here's to next week and more paint filled frolics in the meantime.