Day one.

Well hello world. I guess the first lot of visitors I get here will already know me, but feel free to grab a refresher. So the big question is ‘Who are you?’ I’ll try not to bore you with details. If you want specifics they can be found in the bio tab currently found to the right of this one.

The answer is that it’s not about me, it’s about my work, my art. What is my art about then? Well its still forming but I have such sights to show you. I hope we can travel a while together on this twisting track, who knows where we will end up. We will play with layers of meaning and translation, make, break and willfully misuse coding languages, pull the digital into the plastic and back again, explore and reimagine the works of artists I love. I’m dizzy with excitement and can barely keep track of my ideas. I want to tell you everything but I can’t write that well…but I can show you.